June 9, 2012
Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy?

This article points out the disturbing but obvious truth:
"Republicans have opposed a lion’s share of stimulus measures that once they supported, such as a payroll tax break, which they grudgingly embraced earlier this year. Even unemployment insurance, a relatively uncontroversial tool for helping those in an economic downturn, has been consistently held up by Republicans or used as a bargaining chip for more tax cuts. Ten years ago, prominent conservatives were loudly making the case for fiscal stimulus to get the economy going; today, they treat such ideas like they’re the plague."

The rank hypocrisy of abandoning their legislative responsibilities to further their political power, all the while purporting to stand on “principles” ought to ensure every GOPer is run out of town on a rail. Unfortunately, some folks bought their brand of bullshit hook, line & sinker.

Imagine Mitt Romney takes over in January. And he’s got not only a GOP-led House but Senate too. He’s got big ideas and big plans for Day 1. But look out! Here comes the Democratic Senate minority, filibustering every bill and judge’s nomination, just for the hell of it to poke Romney in the eye, defang his agenda and halt the wheels of government. The right-wing media machine would shout to the heavens that the Dems were traitorous, conniving, no-good bums who just wanted to see the country fail.

When that President was Barack Obama, it was the GOP blocking everything for stupid selfish political gamesmanship. and what do hear from the media, right-wing or otherwise? Condemnation of the man, or crickets.

Well I call shenanigans. You can’t criticize the man’s policies when he hasn’t been able to implement them. It’s like Obama’s driving the car but they won’t let him turn the wheel, then bitch when the car runs off the road.

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